Chauvet Colorstrip Mini

Hi! Wanted to request a profile for the Chauvet Colorstrip Mini if possible. Just getting into Beam and got myself two of these lights. I’m having trouble setting them up without a profile. Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much.

Hello @zmoses44,

Channel 1 must be set to a DMX value between 210 and 219 in order to be able to use channels 2-4 to control R/G/B intensities, which is probably what you want to get the most out of this fixture with Beam.

Here is the profile for your fixture: Chauvet DJ COLORstrip Mini - 4ch.sbf (908 Bytes)
By default the first channel in this profile is already set to the DMX value 215, so as long as you don’t specifically override the program modulation, you should be able to just control it using e.g. a Par device, using RGB color mixing.

Let me know if this works for you.

Hi Luka,

Thank you so much this worked! One more question for you. I tried using mute groups within a drum rack and was unsuccessful trying to get a long release light to cut off when i bring in another light. Do you know how to do this? Thanks again!

Good question!

Beam currently doesn’t support Drum Rack choking. The way this works is, Live sends a MIDI control value 0 to CC120 to all the chains in a given choke group, besides the chain in which the note was played. Any devices on those chains need to have a “disable any active voices” on control value 0 at CC120 implemented.

The only way I can think of partly mimicking this behavior would be using a custom M4L device like this one - Choker.amxd - which enables you to map to a desired parameter (e.g. Intensity) in a Drum Rack chain and it will set it to 0. for the specified duration whenever 0 at CC120 is received:

The disadvantage of this hacky method is that you are not able to use the “choked” chain during the “choke period”.

However, we like the idea and will consider adding it in the future.