Chat about work & workflow:

Hi Everybody, hope you’re doing fine. It has been a while since my last post. I want to announce i start a new format to keep going on with my videosync development: RadioKago. On Twitch i made a first one hour performance with Ableton and Videosync - check it out :slight_smile: And i’ll start a chat showing Ableton and Videosync setup. Would love to meet some of you there: Twitch
Today 16:00 cet i’ll start the first chat about the latest performance and the setup. See you and let’s exchange, lot’s of greetings!


Hi there, i made an update to that video and put it on youtube & marked the chapters:

Hi Karsten,

Thanks for recording and sharing!

Let us know if you run into any issues, like you mention you sometimes experience issues with the ISF Loader, or the errors that are in the console at 6:21 (it seems your IW 3000 webcam couldn’t connect?).

We’re happy to get your feedback!


Hi Mattis, thank you very much that you had a look - it’s my first try doing stuff like this so i faced some problems not related to videosync. The problem with ISF i will document it & let you know. Lot’s of greetings, Karsten