Changing Time Signatures with Live MTC Bridge

So Im working with Ableton and Video Slave and Using The MTC Live Bridge. I have parts of my composition in Ableton where the time signature changes up. However when I do that, the MTC Live Bridge has trouble reading the situation. Where it says Live Signature in the top row of the MTC Live Bridge, you can see the time signature changes represented correctly. However in the row under that which counts the bars (cursor beats), the change in time signature does not take effect, and it continues to count the original 4/4 count as opposed to the change in time signature. This also affects Video Slave, as it shuffles the video around all over the place. Just wondering if someone could aid me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Oknata,

Thank you for posting to the forum, I have tried to reproduce this but for me changing the time signature seems to work as expected, here is a screen capture:

Are there any more specifics that you could share? If not, perhaps you could share an example set that doesn’t work for you?