Change the black wallpaper

Can I change the black screen when it is not playing any video? I would like to use an animated logo between songs. Is it posible either in Videosync or a third party software?

Thank you.

Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum!

When you perform live, do you do so with one single Live Set containing all your songs you perform? Or do you switch between different Live Sets for every song you perform?

  • In case of the former; you could simply load a video on an audio track in the Session View, let it play and loop, and remove all the stop buttons from the same track. As long as you don’t pause the Live Set, the video will keep running. You can automate the volume slider of the track to fade in/out the background video when it’s needed.
  • In case of the latter; this isn’t possible, since Videosync will always and only receive video from the Live Set that is currently open. Switching between Live Sets will therefor result in a black screen.

Let me know if this helps.