Capturing video into Ableton/Videosync in session view?

…feel like i should know this, but is it possible to capture video live into session view tracks? Kind of like a Looper but inc. video?

Hey Rob! Unfortunately this isn’t possible with Videosync.

ay, fair enough. Thanks for the quick reply. Is that a possible future feature? or is it not possible within the architecture of Ableton?

Within the boundaries of Live’s API this is indeed not possible currently. Something in the form of a device however, would. It’s on the wishlist!

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good to hear. thanks

I’m speculating in ignorance here, but if there was a way to automatically update adding files from a specific folder to a specific track then OBS could be used for the a/v clip recording…?

I have no idea how to do this, other than my recent experience with OBS. It records an a/v signal in preferred resolutions and formats, and it is possible to designate a specific folder.

I use OBS in my live set-up as a desktop monitor, and a virtual camera for some devices, so it would be easy (if a little CPU-expensive) to manually or automatically record what I see/hear. The question then is how to seamlessly add this into Ableton on the fly so it can be integrated into the performance.

Is there a way to add files to tracks non-manually? When I search, the word ‘automation’ is used in a very specific way for Ableton, so i can’t see if this is possible…

No, it’s not possible load/replace clips into specific slots in the Session View with the Live API. That’s exactly the problem, or one of them at least :slight_smile:

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thanks, i thought that was probably the case. It would be great if it could be done, but art is also about limits. There’s so much that CAN be done with Videosync, it seems greedy to want more.