Cant Run Videosync remotely

Hello everyone,
I cant run videosync remotely form one mac to another unsing thunderbolt bridge or ethernet. I have checked location, but it seems that its not finding my videoclips. I thought it was because of Live’s version (im running 10) but after trying v.11 it remains the same. Im also having problems with starting points in the clips, so when you set it to start before the clip it doesnt play. I would like to try older versions to compare. Can someone send me the link or a repository of older versions? Like 9.0 1.0 ?
Thnaks a lot!!

Hey Rafael,

Thanks for sharing your issue with us here. Does Videosync’s console give any error messages when trying to playback clips?

Hello Jean. Yes. Its sayin that it cant load the clips… A lot of red messages…Ill try it today, and Ill send a picture here soon.

Hello Jean! This is what happens. Even the Ip adress is wrong. Thats not the one that i used to connect. So strange!