Can Resolume Clip Launcher be triggered via Ableton arrangement view


I need a little help, please and thank you. I’m just double checking if the clip launcher can be triggered via a clip (audio / MIDI) in arrangement view? No issues triggering videos in clip view with the setup but no joy in arrangement view.

I have a 11 tracks laid out in arrangement view timeline and I’m looking to trigger video content via Resolume and I can only seem to get it working via clip view, which doesn’t suit the project I’m working on

Any help would be much appreciated!


Ableton 11.2.7

Hi Jonny,

At the moment the Clip Launcher plugin does not take clips in the arrangement view into account, since the Live API doesn’t provide us with a way to listen to which clip index in the arrangement is playing, like in the session view.

Perhaps there is a way around this for us; we could keep a list of the current clips in the arrangement view and monitor the current playback time; with this info we could derive which clip is currently playing and send out OSC messages accordingly. I added this to our list of feature wishes for the Resolume plugins.

In case you weren’t aware, Videosync does support playing video from the arrangement view (see this video for more info).

Hope that helps,