Can LiveGrabber show a full Session and Mixer View?

i m really fascinated by the possibilities of Touch-Control (24 Monitor) and making an Interface for Ableton which trumps Abletons own interface for Live-usability. Example of how that could look is “Touchable Pro”. Why i m not using Touchable Pro? It is unstable, buggy, and abandoned by its developers since November 2021. I want my own custom made Touch OSC interface now, something i can trust to be more future proof than an abandonded software like Touchable. :slight_smile:
That’s why i m searching for the smoothest way to send information from Ableton to an OSC interface. Please tell me if LiveGrabber can transmit the following, which i d love to see in my OSC Interface:

  • Abletons Session View (doesn’t have to be the whole session view, could also be a pre-selected grid of Clips which then are represented visually in the OSC interface)
  • Clip Names and Clip Colors visible in each Clip
  • Clip Playback Progress visible in each Clip (!)
  • Track Names and Track Colors
  • Volume Meter for each Track
    So, a bit like can be seen here (click to start gif):

Hi phil,

Thanks for getting in touch on our forum. Making your own controller sounds like a very noble goal!

LiveGrabber allows controlling a subset of the Live API that is detailed here. With LiveGrabber we limit ourselves to certain types of data, to make the interfaces easy to work with. But nothing prevents you from building a device based on LiveGrabber that accepts any OSC message and controls any entry available in the API.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the answer, i guess this is bad news, because i m not able to create my own m4l stuff, haha.