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Is there any tutorials for how to build a fixture in beam? I’m trying to create a profile for my Chauvet R1X Spots but can’t figure out how.

Any help would be greatly appreciate! :slight_smile:

Thanks. Kieran

@Luka any help would be great. :smiley:

It´s quite easy, if you once found the fixture editor. When beam is opened, go to File-> New Fixture.
Then start Adding the DMX Channels and define them to the functions that should be written in the fixture´s manual. Ready!


Hey Radar,

I managed to figure it out, however my Chauvet R1X Spot has pan in channel 1, and then fine pan in channel 2. There isn’t a fine pan option in the fixture functions section, how would I patch this in?

Hi Kieran,

You can turn on ‘Is 16bit’ for functions that are controlled by two DMX channels. In the screenshot you see the Pan function’s address set to 1, 2, which means that Beam will use channel two as the ‘Pan Fine’ channel.

Hope this helps!


Hey Hidde,

Thanks for that. The only issue I have is the Chauvet R1X Spot that I have are not responding to intensity/dim instructions (pan/tilt is fine). I’ve gone through the fixture editor and made sure the channel corresponded with the instruction manual for the fixture yet still no luck.

Is there a way to get the Beam team to create the fixture profile for this light? I’ve attached my current fixture profile below incase anyone wants to edit it :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Rogue R1.sbf (1.7 KB)

Hi Kieran,

A possible reason why the fixture is not lighting up when adjusting the Dimmer channel is because the Shutter channel is set to Closed (see manual):

This channel should be set to Open, so a DMX value in the range 4-7 or 216-255.

Here are the fixture profiles for the 19ch and 16ch modes that both have the shutterstrobe modulation set to 255/100% by default (you can of course also achieve that by selecting shutterstrobe in the Generic instrument and set it to 100%):

Let us know if this works for you!

Hey Luka,

I just tested this at my church and it worked! thank you so much! :slight_smile:


@K.Lewis That’s great to hear!

You are welcome to share a clip when you make something cool with it - here or @showsyncsoftware on Instagram.

Hey Luka,

So sorry for taking long with this, was on a sabbatical from church so wasn’t able to get round to it sooner. Here’s a video of me using Beam, you’ll see the R1X spots activate during the video. They worked great! I managed to figure out how to activate the prisms etc, really cool stuff!

I’ll also post in the community space too!



Cool, nice to see this is working out for you & thanks for sharing the video!

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