Best video frame rate advised

Hi !
I use a MacBook Pro 2019, Intel I7 2.6GHz, 16Go RAM with a Radeon Pro 560X GPU 4 Go.

I use to look at external frame rate on VideoSync console when videos are played in my set, it is between 55 o 60 fps. My CPU usage is low, all videos are in RAM. Most of videos are warped. All my videos are encoded in MP4 (H264), 1080p, 8Mbps, 25 fps, with no audio.

The videos are fluid when I play them on video player, but when I play videos in my live set on Ableton Live 11 with Video Sync in Session mode, they are sometimes choppy.

Is there any problem with frame rate? Should I pass them in 30 fps? Is there any problem with Warp mode (I’ve chosen Re-pitch or texture for low CPU)?

Please help me ! Thank you.