Best practice for video files?


First of all, congrats for Videosync, it truly is amazing.

I have a question regarding video files : is it lighter on the CPU to have several short videos loaded, or to have a single bigger file with different Loop and Start and End marker positions ?


Thank you!

There shouldn’t be too much of a difference regarding CPU usage so I would recommend whatever is the easiest for you. I have used the ‘single file with different marker positions’ approach many times, and the main benefit is that you can easily hot-swap the file later on.


OK thanks

does this also apply to Simpler or is it better to load shorter clips ?
(for now I just tried loading a big one and had to kill the process as loading the frames took too long).

Thanks again for this great tool.

For Simpler is better to use short video files with the lowest resolution as possible. What length / resolution video file did you try to load?