Beam + Videosync

I’ve got a problem when using both videosync and beam on the same ableton project. If i start beam first, movingheads and other lights are connected and working but no video in showsync (video is showing with the ableton video) but when I start Showsync first, lights are disconnected… This is a bit random sometimes none of them work, i’ve got to load demo project for showsync to make it work again. I’ve tried different start up sequences (Beam, Showsync then Ableton, Ableton then the others… etc…) nothing is working… Could you help me please ? :slight_smile:
Best regards

Live 11.2.6, OSX Monterey 12.5.1, latest versions of Beam and Showsync
(I tried the latest 1.5 of Beam with no more luck, I’ve removed other potential sources of trouble : Ableset and some Ableton remote scripts)

I keep replacing “VideoSync” with “Showsync” in my post, sorry for that :slight_smile:

Hey Ivan,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for writing in. We are aware of this issue and a fix is underway.

This regression was introduced with Beam 1.5, so reverting back to 1.4 should resolve the issue. You can download Beam 1.4 here. As soon as we have resolved the issue, we will send out a newsletter to announce the release of Beam 1.5. When that happens you’ll know it’s safe to update again.

Thanks for the 1.2.7 of Videosync, everything works now ! :slight_smile: