Beam still crashing Max unfortunately

There is still an issue with the Max patch I sent you. I have [defer]s on all of the controller inputs as you suggested; what that seems to do is to defer (ha ha) the moment when Max crashes.
I loaded just the lighting patch and created a simple patcher with sliders (0.-1.) , a simple [line] driving the faders up and down, and sends to the receives in the lighting patch. This works for a while, but then Max crashes again. This is without a dmx interface attached.
The crash report looks the same as before.
The only thing which might (???) be relevant is that I was moving the cursor every time the crash happened.

Hi David,

Could you please download the new version of Beam for Max (0.1.12) and check if you are still experiencing this issue?

I should know this, but… the Beam-containing patch is contained in a Project. The project has copied all the Beam patches it uses into itself (I probably ran a consolidate at some point recently).
So although I’ve copied over the new version of Beam for Max, the project is presumably still going to be using the old version. Or if I run consolidate again will the objects get updated? Or am I (sigh) going to have to copy the new versions over to the the project/patchers folder?

Did a quick check loading the two patches alone (ie not loading the Project, so that the Beam files in the main search patch will have been loaded), and… no crashes at the moment! Hurrah!
Do you think I still the [defer] objects after the [receive sensors] objects?

Started up the complete patch and changing sliders in the controllers input module also worked fine. Anoter workshop next week, so I can try it out with the sensors and lights. Looking good…

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Hi David, thanks for testing, good to hear this fixes it! You should be able to work without the [defer] objects.