Beam LFO Spread

I’m continuing my explorations of Beam…enjoying it greatly. One thing I haven’t quite understood is the spread control on the LFO effect. When i set it to dimmer and then turn the spread control all the way up, it indeed does what I want, expect backwards. Instead of starting with the first light (note) and going up one at a time, it goes from the last light down. If i use an arpegiator with the setting on up, it goes the direction I want, but the playhead has to be playing, and it’s not ideal for me anyway. Is there a way to get spread to go the other direction?

The Spread controls the offset of the LFO phase for each consecutive fixture in a tag.

It is currently indeed not possible to change the direction in which this offset is applied (if the phase for each next fixture is incremented or decremented), so I believe the only way to achieve what you want to achieve with the LFO device is by reordering the order of fixtures in the patch:

Thanks for the question though - we will consider this as a potential addition to the device.

Ahh, so if I understand right, the spread is not based on assigned midi note but instead on dmx addresses?

The Spread is based on the index of a fixture in a tag. The index of a fixture in a tag is determined by the order of the fixtures in the patch (regardless of the MIDI note or DMX address). If you don’t want to use the default order (the order in which they were added to the patch), you can reorder the fixtures by dragging them to the desired position within the Patch Editor.

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