Arrangement View Playback

We’re trying to transition to VideoSync for a live concert playback system where we do audio as well as video playback from Ableton Live.
Currently we just use Live’s video playback system to output video to the house via an ATEM. We tried doing the same with Videosync instead but it had a lot of issues. It wouldn’t playback the correct frame location. Sometimes it just wouldn’t playback anything. Got some frame skipping issues.
Does VideoSync support arrangement view?
We can’t use Session View as we have a whole bunch of tracks in Arrangement View. We’re also running Ableset to control playback trigger.

Would love some help on this!

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Arrangement View is supported, but it sounds like the issues you are describing may have something to do with tempo automation. As is mentioned in the list of known limitations:

Playing back unwarped video clips in the arrangement view while automating the master tempo will cause playback glitches.

Enabling Warp for these clips should resolve the issue though. I hope that’s a viable solution for you!

Come to think of it, here are two more possible workarounds:

  • Load the videos in Simplers, and use MIDI to start playback. In case they are long duration videos, I highly recommend converting the videos to HAP first. HAP encoded videos are read straight from the hard disk, unlike any other encoded videos (which would result in high amounts of RAM consumption when working with long duration videos).
  • As a last resort; since this problem is unique to the Arrangement View you could also consider leveraging the IRC driver to create a MIDI feedback loop, allowing you to use MIDI clips and notes in the Arrangement View to trigger clips in the Session View. YouTube channel From Studio To Stage made a video on how to set up the IRC driver, watch it here.