An alternative to the opacity fade in

Hi there! I’m using Videosync in session view with three tracks hosting different video+audio clips.
When I fade in the tracks with the volume fade, I feel that sometimes the opacity fade in of the video is not always working with the vj set, but I would prefer that the entering track would appear in full opacity in increasing intervals linked to the beat.
For example, let’s say we have track One playing and track Two off at -inf db.
When the volume fader of track Two is moved up at -48 db, the video starts appears in full opacity for a beat every four beats, “taking over” completely the Videosync’s window for certain time related to the BPM.
When the volume fader is at -24 db, the video of track Two is on screen for two beats every two beats.
When the volume fader is at 0 db, the video of track Two is constantly on the window.
In this way, the mix will simulate a video editing without crossfading but only hard cuts, with the entering clip on screen more and more as its audio volume increases.
I know that even with the blending mode of the tracks set to Alpha, there will be the problem of the mix to the left: so when track Two is up and we’d like to fade back the track One (there should be some sort of switch to put the entering track “on top”).
Is this something possible with the current effects?
Thank you!

Hey Marco! Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, what you’re describing isn’t something that Videosync does out of the box. It would require some custom Max for Live device to handle the modulation you’re describing.

Somehow the current value of both Volume faders needs to be monitored, and based on the ranges you defined, then trigger different patterns of modulation. The target parameter to modulate I think should be Live’s own Crossfader, as this will circumvent the need for a blend mode, or setting which would be “on top”.

So for example:
Once Track 2’s volume exceeds -48dB, every first beat of a bar, the crossfader is modulated to +50 (B). The other three bars its modulated back to -50 (A).

And to prevent the Volume fader to also control the the opacity of a track, you can use a Properties device to unlike Opacity from the Volume fader.

Hey Jean-Paul! Thank you so much, it’s the perfect solution, I’m going to work on it.

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