Adjusting sound/image sync in warped clip?

is there a way to adjust the sound/image sync after warping a clip?

I’m running into problems I haven’t noticed before, because of using a clip with onscreen text and spoken word so the sync problem shows up very badly. Before the warp, the sync is fine.

I need to warp the clip to apply effects, etc

In case you’re working in the Arrangement View, then you could use the Properties device to set a track delay, just for the video. This goes for the whole track, not just a specific clip. This same feature doesn’t work well yet in the Session View though.

If you need to do it per clip, then its probably best or the easiest to duplicate the track, so that you the same clips on two tracks, but can use one for audio and the other for video. You can use the Properties device to mute either the audio or video of a track/chain.

thanks, Jean-Paul. That sounds like a rock-solid solution, which I will definitely use. For some reason in this instance, I was able to re-unite sound and image by ‘unlinking’ the warp envelope, stretching it, and returning it to it’s original size before re-linking it. Beginner’s luck, I guess…?