Ableton Control Surface doesn't appear

Hey guys! I’m trying to use Videosync. I installed on my Mac M1 but the option “Videosync” Control Surface doesn’t appear on the Ableton Menu.

In the list there is only “Showsync” and not “Videosync”. Even selecting “Showsync” it doesn’t connect to “Videosync” either. Can you help me please?

My ableton version is 11.2.11
My videosync version is 0.9.8

If it helps, during the installation process I got an error window that said the following:

“Videosync Control Surface” couldn’t be copied beacuse you don’t have permission to access “MIDI Remote Scripts”.

Does this have any relation with the Videosync option not appearing in the ableton menu?


Hi Cora, welcome to the forum!

The current version of Videosync at the time of writing this is 1.3.0. Any version newer than 1.0 only works with the Showsync Control Surface. Any version older than 1.0 works only with the Videosync Control Surface.
I think you’re may be perhaps using an old version of Videosync by accident? You must have at least used a newer version of Videosync (or Beam) before, otherwise the Showsync Control Surface wouldn’t exist on your machine.

Let me know if this helps resolve things on your end.

Thanks Jean-Paul! I had only checked the update through the app, and it only updated me to version 0.9.8, but if I downloaded it from the web it let me install version 1.3.0.


That’s as intended! To update to a new major version, you will always have to download it from the website, and you can remove the previous version if you wish.
The reason for this, is that there are/will be incompatibilities between major versions.