4k video and simpler issues

I’m using mac mini m1(8G ram) running ableton live11 and macbook pro 2019 (2.3ghz 8core/16G ram / Radeon Pro 560X 4GB) running video sync (1.0.2) via lan cable.

Accoring to your manual, Simpler use only video ram. So which machine do you recommend to run video sync with 4K/60pfs/4sec video clip? As for now, It doesn’t seem to working well in both machine. Very laggy and mostly blacked out most of the time.
I set Video Sync’s rendering size to 4k/30pfs. (Yes, I want to play C2 note to print very smooth slow motion accidently)
If My machine’s are too slow for 4k videos, Do you have any recommendation for mac spec?

So I changed my clip resolution to FHD/60fps and set Video sync render size as same.
It’s working better than 4k, but blacked out very often. But If I change simpler’s voices number, It comes back. And max frame is only 70frame which was 254frame in a different project with same video clip. I don’t understand why the max frame changes in different projects.

If i running video sync in macbook pro and running ableton live in Mac mini M1 in remote mode,
Which machine’s video ram affects on max frame rate?

Other than simpler issues,
I’m very impressed with your products and really thanks for your great job!


Hi Heejong, thank you for explaining your issues so thoroughly.

  1. Simpler will use GPU ram when it’s available. If GPU ram runs out, or in case it’s not present at all, system ram will be used instead. 4K/60fps is a very heavy workload, and generally I would recommend using FHD/60fps clips, or lower for smooth and responsive video playback. Ultimately I would assume 16GB system ram and 4GB VRAM would give the best results.

  2. Re: Voices: There was an issue with Simpler’s voices that has been fixed in our latest beta. If you like I can give you access to our beta forum so you download the beta app, test it and see if this fixes your issue?
    Re: Max frames: Could you send over the projects/video files that are causing this issue? I can try and reproduce to see what may be the cause. You can email me at jean-paul@showsync.com

  3. The only machine loading videos into RAM is the one running Videosync, not the machine running Live.

One thing I forgot to mention is that you can use the HAP codec for your videos. Especially for large resolution files this could make a difference. You can read more about HAP and converting to HAP here: