2022- Capture Audio and Video M1 Mac

-latest version of Videosync
-latest version of ableton
-m1 Mac

looking for a solid solution to capture audio and video from Ableton/videosync into a single file in realtime.

having some troubles with syphon currently old ways are not working on my m1

thank you

Hey Richard,

Capturing audio and video simultaneously can still be a bit of a hassle, unfortunately. Syphon Recorder works in most cases when just capturing video, but perhaps it’d be worth checking out OBS instead to capture both at the same time. It seems to be a bit more robust than Syphon Recorder.
To capture the audio, you will need a virtual aggregate audio interface to be able to route the audio straight to OBS. You can use either Loopback or Blackhole.

Another option is Screenflow, which I currently use to make the Learn Videosync videos. Screenflow doesn’t support Syphon however. Instead I record a screen with Videosync set to Fullscreen on it. Screenflow does come with its own driver to be able to record the audio from Live.

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thanks for reply jp.
i could have sworn at one time i created an aggeragate device on my mac then syphon saw that as an audio source. i will try obs . somewhat familiar with it :+1:t3::+1:t3:

update for obs