Videosync window height limit

Hey guys,

I love the thing you’re working on so I’m gonna paste every possible bug I find on here to help make it better :). For now I seem to have a problem with the height of the Videosync window. As soon as I set the window height higher than 1154 the screen turns black and no videos are shown anymore.
I’m running on 2560 x 1440, hence why I want to go that high. Also; is there an easy way to make the visualizer window go fullscreen without the border and OSX menu bar showing?


Hi Jean-Paul,

Thank you for the bug report. I’ve fixed the issue and we’ll ship the fix in the next release.

For now, there is no easy way to go fullscreen yet. We’re planning on making some changes which will pave the way for nicer interactions like ‘double click the window to go fullscreen’. Since this will be quite a major change, this might take a while to be released.


One way to get more output parameters than are currently implemented in Videosync is to send the output signal via Syphon to a different program. I recommend VDMX for this, as it has extensive options for outputting to one or several screens, and is very simple to use with syphon.

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