Videosync & Livesync issue?

Hello everyone,

I have Videosync running on a second computer (2018 MacBook Pro), and I have this machine sync’d via Livesync with a hardwire to network. I’ve found a work around to getting the Scene & clips to launch by setting master computer Midi Clip Quantization to NONE, while clips on slave are quantized how I need.

The issue is once a video is launched, somewhere mid way, the position skips to a random spot in song. I have checked to make sure “mirror song position” is checked. I have only noticed this with slightly longer clips (like longer than 8 bars).

Just to clarify, I’ve double checked the sessions (though different) to be same sample rate, buffer, etc. I’ve got the slave offset to -9.45 to get metronomes as close as possible.

This is the only glitch in the way of me using this as primary video system. Any help or insight?


Just to add to above post.

I have a strong feeling this isn’t a Videosync thing, and is a Livesync issue. When I run Videosync on main computer in the session with audio/midi, it works flawlessly. I’m only using two to spread the work load around. May not have to do that, but until I update my interface and rack, its like this.

I agree that this is probably not a Videosync issue, but a more or less known issue with Livesync.

In a standard setup where both Master and Slave are set to quantized launch mode, if you press play on a clip on the Master just before the bar, the start signal may arrive on the Slave after the bar has passed and the corresponding clip will wait until the next bar, starting much too late.

When both clips are playing, Livesync will always try to align the clip positions periodically, possibly resulting in jumps if they are far apart.

The workaround we have used, contrary to your approach, is to set the clip quantization on the Slave to None. This way, the Slave clip may start a few milliseconds later than the Master, but this should be corrected shortly after.

However, for your case, as of 0.8.5 there is a much better solution, without the need to run Live on the other computer at all. Videosync now supports networked playback:

Let us know if this applies to your situation.


It’s working! (networked video 0.8.6) So far, not one glitch, skip, or whatever…

Thanks again. Amazing work.