Videosync 0.9.2 released

Videosync 0.9.2 brings full support for macOS Catalina, as well as various bug fixes and improvements. Download it here.

  • Videosync is notarised.
  • ISF shaders now receive a BEAT parameter.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when unplugging the external screen Videosync was on.
  • Simpler’s Normal blend mode has been renamed to Alpha.
  • Modulators have been removed.
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Hey Guys,

The support for ISF Shaders is awesome. But it takes some time to test / create new video-effects with them via Max, adding parameters etc. Is there a more easy method to just import a folder of shaders and browse them quickly without diving into the plugin-SDK? Or would that maybe be a future option?

Hi Fred, thanks for the kind words.

At the moment what you describe is not possible with Videosync, but it would definitely be possible for us to create it. The biggest reason that we haven’t done so yet is that the parameters of the effect would not show up as named parameters in the automation lanes, and they would always range from 0 to 1 or from 0% to 100%, something like that. The reason being that Live doesn’t allow dynamically changing parameter names or ranges.

Would you say that this is an acceptable drawback? We personally found that it would deliver a sub-par experience, but perhaps we should reconsider.

Hi Mattijs,

Thanks for your reply!
I see. Well, for me it probably would be not so much of a problem. And if it would be, than i could always later
adjust the parameter names or ranges in the max patch i guess.
It’s more that it now takes quiet some time to get an effect to work, while starting with an effect in the beginning i’m not even sure if a chosen effect would suite the project situation. The workflow now lacks a bit of a ‘hands on approach’ imo. Not sure how other feel about it though.

You are making a good point. I’m moving a generic ISF loader plugin up in our list of todo’s.

Thanks for letting us know about this!

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Awesome. Looking forward to it!