Videosync 0.8.1 released

Today we released Videosync 0.8.1. This release brings some small features and significant performance improvements.

How to update
Videosync 0.8.1 is the first release that is capable of auto-updating itself. An update notification will present itself after launch, or you can click ‘Check for Updates’ in the Preferences window to force the update. After installation, the installer will guide you through the installation of the updated Control Surface and plugins. The plugins from the previous version will stay in your User Library and are compatible with 0.8.1 unless otherwise noted.

Versions from before 0.8.0 can also auto-update but won’t be moved out of the old Videosync folder. We recommend manually moving the newly updated application to your Applications folder.


Unlink volume from opacity
You can now unlink the track/chain volume from opacity in the Extender.

Reduced RAM usage
Live sets containing many videos could experience some problems relating to RAM usage. We changed the way videos are buffered and dramatically reduced RAM usage.

Freeze mode in Simpler
In the new freeze mode in Simpler’s Slice mode, the last frame of a slice stays visible when a slice ends. When Simpler is in trigger mode, the last frame stays visible indefinitely. In gate mode, the frame fades out at note off. (As requested by Fred in this topic)

Small additions and fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Main Menu bar in fullscreen and ‘Displays have separate Spaces’.
  • You can now link the corners in the Crop effect.
  • Various improvements to the installation flow.
  • Keyer now saves its invert state correctly.
  • Many internal fixes.


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