Videosync 0.8.0 released

Dear all,

This week we released version 0.8.0 of Videosync, in which we made pretty huge improvements to the way the app integrates with macOS and Live. Version 0.8 is fully backwards compatible with 0.7.x.

The following features have been added or thoroughly revised

  • You no longer need the Master plugin! Most settings previously found in the Master plugin can now be found in the smoothly integrated Output Settings window or in the Preferences panel.

This means that as of now, you don’t need Max For Live for Videosync until you want to use Instruments and Effects.

  • The connectivity status, FPS and MFT info can still be monitored in the Live set with the new Monitor plugin.

  • ‎All settings that apply to output and connectivity now reside in the Output Settings window. This better fits the networked playback scenario, where you may want to have different settings for various instances that can be adjusted on the slave computers typically in front of house rather than in the Live set on stage.

  • Videosync now sports a menu item that optionally shows the current FPS. Clicking the Videosync icon opens the Output settings window (this can also be done from the menu). As Videosync connects to Ableton Live, the icon changes from transparent to solid black:


  • Like any proper macOS app, Videosync now has a Preferences panel that contains some basic app settings that do not affect your live performance.


  • The control surface installer is now much smarter. It knows everything about your Live configuration and accurately guides you through new installations and updates.


  • ‎The Videosync plugins are now installed to Live’s User library.


  • ‎Since the plugins are now installed by Videosync and contained within the app bundle, the Videosync installation is no longer a folder in your Applications folder, but just an app. Much cleaner!

  • Now that Videosync is just an app, it can be easily updated. You will find that this process is now much more seamless. You will be notified that a new version is available; if you choose to install it, as soon as you launch the new version, the control surface installer takes care of installing the latest plugins and control surface.

  • We added a guide about updating plugins to our manual (TL;DR: you don’t need to update plugins in existing sets, Videosync is backwards compatible with older plugins.)

One note: when using plugins from before with 0.8, you will continue to require a Master plugin in your set, as found in the older plugin folder. A Master plugin is no longer included in 0.8.

  • We now have a more friendly Demo overlay


  • Fixed crash in Keyer
  • Occasionally a video could show black frames when looping, this is now fixed
  • Updated open source licenses in quick start manual
  • Other small / cosmetic fixes

Download Videosync 0.8 here!