Videosync 0.6.3 released

Version 0.6.3 has some new features that we added in response to insights gained during the preparations and rehearsals for the More Moving Music project.

It also contains fixes that among others enhance working with very precisely timed video.

New features

  • Added a Keyer plugin as designed by Jaap Drupsteen: a plugin that uses the incoming video to key between background and fill inputs based on brightness or color, using optional feathering.
  • The Master plugin now shows the Max Frame Time, that makes it easy to spot occasional frame drops.
  • The Master volume can now optionally be linked to the output intensity.
  • Pressing the space bar when Videosync is in focus now starts/stops Live. Shift+space continues playing from a paused position.


  • Prevent an occasional nudge when starting to play a clip, in general and more noticeably when a time offset is set in the Extender plugin.
  • Better error reporting when the connection failed due to an occupied UDP port.
  • When the display resolution is too small, prevent a crash and show an error instead.
  • Prevent a crash when using a side chain in the Shader loader plugin.
  • Correct undefined movie behaviour when manually setting the transport to before the time a video started.
  • Correct behaviour when changing the time signature with markers in the arrange window.
  • Rework side chain drop downs, preventing errors when saving settings in the set.

As always, download this version here.

Happy syncing!

As soon as I have my new Macbook registered, I’m trying and produce a little video tutorial about how to sync between two Ableton Live Macbooks, one with music and the other with video clips played by VideoSync!

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That sounds great, I’m looking forward to seeing what you are working on.

I had already done a show with to Macbooks synced in Ableton Live, with MIDI-on-Ethernet connection. On this channel I’ve synced play-stop Ableton clip-scenes. Then, one Macbook was running audio clips (the Master one), the other one was running video clips, by VideoSync (the Slave one). To make this setup work, you need a significant amount of RAM and good SSDs, but it’s great!

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