Videosync 0.6.0

Today we released the largest update to Videosync since its initial release, with fundamental changes to the engine that allowed us to build a much-requested feature: Rack support!

We also did a lot of housekeeping and added some other sweet features. For instance, you can now send the output of a Return track (A) to another Return track (B), and send the output of B back to A. Now add some effects onto either A or B and see what happens :slight_smile: Oh, and the crossfader works, just like with audio.

Important note: we took the liberty of renaming two plugins to make things more clean and understandable, so you may have to relink them in existing sets! After relinking, everything should be fine, your automation will not be deleted.

Below are the full release notes.

What’s new

  • Instrument Racks and Audio Effect Racks now work with video plugins (supports nesting!)
  • Blend modes work in Rack Chains
  • Return tracks can now send to each other (allows for feedback with intermediate fx!)
  • Crossfader now works
  • You can set Sends to work pre- or post-fader. Not in the native Ableton UI but in the Extender plugin when dragged onto a Return track
  • The control surface is re-written from scratch. Changing around tracks or devices now has instant effect!
  • Videosync Mixer is renamed to Extender
  • Videosync Master is renamed to Master


  • Track settings will return to default when Extender is removed
  • With multiple Extenders, only the first one on a track works, the others will display a message that they are ignored
  • The Tunnel effect now draws something when only 1 slice is selected
  • Playing un-warped clips now behave properly when changing tempo
  • The blur effect now works for very large output dimensions

Backward incompatibility notices

  • Since the Videosync Mixer plugin is renamed to Extender, your old sets will no longer find the Mixer plugin. Replace it with the Extender plugin in Ableton Live’s Missing Media Files window and everything should be ok. The same holds for the Videosync Master plugin, which is renamed to Master.
  • Return tracks: default behaviour has been changed to post-fader instead of pre-fader
  • The Tunnel effect was fixed (see above). This may result in a slightly different visual effect

As always, all feedback is welcome.


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