Videosync 0.5.1 release

Today we released Videosync version 0.5.1.

This version contains some important bug fixes, mostly a crash when using audio files with names that contain “mov” and an occasional crash when starting Videosync when Live was playing. And the modulation system now works for all plugins. Thanks for reporting!

But there are also some useful new features originating from our own use in live projects in the last month:

  • Added a new Mirror plugin.
  • Transform plugin: Scale and Position, like Rotation, now work relative to the anchor point. NOTE: this makes the Transform plugin backwards incompatible in some cases!
  • Render size setting: you can now make the engine render at a different resolution than the output window. This can be useful when you need to output to a high resolution screen but want to save on performance or it allows you to output a high resolution to Syphon while keeping the output window small.


Hey Mattijs,
.5.1 working great here. Setting render size is a welcome feature, Syphon to VDMX is perfect!. The one minor bug (if it is one) I found, if you click on the green on/off button in the upper left of the Master Output module it doesn’t toggle off. Not sure that matters, but that’s all I can find wrong. Thanks, I’ll report any other problems if they appear.

Hey Doug,

What you describe is a deliberate hack. We had several occasions when videosync stared acting weird, that were due to the Master plugin being turned off involuntarily, for example by auto-mapped control surface hardware buttons. So we override that behaviour by setting the plugin back on as soon as it is turned off.

Thanks for being vigilant :slight_smile: