Videosync 0.4.16 alpha release

It’s been a while since we released 0.4.15, but to make up for that, 0.4.16 ships some really nice features and improvements. Download 0.4.16 here!


  • Modulators are our version of the ‘Envelope’ and ‘LFO’ MIDI Control Devices found in the Max for Live Essentials Pack. Modulators can control multiple parameters in any instrument or effect plug-in. Just assign one or multiple modulators to a ‘modulation channel’ and select which parameter should be modulated by which modulation channel.

  • You might notice the UI looks a bit different. For example, plug-ins with sidechaining capabilities now have a more consistent interface.

  • Videosync has been updated to work with the latest Ableton (Beta) versions.

New plug-ins

  • Diamonds is a tilted pixelate effect with some nice features.
  • Tile is a very interesting video effect…

And three new video plug-ins by Mattias Oostrik

  • Fluid is a fluid simulator plug-in ported from Mattias’ ofxFlowTools addon. Watch his example video here!
  • ChromaKey does what you think it does.
  • BitCrush lets you downsample your videos, optionally with interpolation.


  • Trigger Buffering smooths out the transition between clips by buffering a video once the clip has been triggered. Note that this only works when the clip uses the Global Quantization value. Otherwise, disable Trigger Buffering in the Mixer plugin!
  • Blur has a new ‘lower quality’ setting. When ‘HiQ’ is disabled, Blur is much faster with almost no visible quality loss. You can now also gain blur and the original image independently.
  • ImageLoader now supports SVG.
  • Mask gained an ‘invert’ toggle.
  • Feedback now has an ‘input gain’ which is very nice to use with modulators.

And many bug fixes and performance improvements.