Version .5 - Registration; Demo mode

Videosync .5 is running great along with VDMX and also the Ned Rush M4L plugins, very exciting! I registered earlier today, how long before my copy is authorized? I’m still in Demo mode.

Hi Douglas,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Your copy should be able to authorize. Videosync logs the request being made to Console, can you copy that for me? (Open Console in OS X and filter for Videosync.)


I tried reinstalling, rebooting. Should I re-register with a different MAC address?

I also see no activity relating to Videosync in the console when trying to authorize. It seems as though Videosync is failing to connect to your server.

Are there no logs in the Console at all? Videosync should at least log some other messages when running, but also log connection errors.

We can try a different MAC address. Can you email me at

Follow up can be found here.