Some important fixes: Videosync 0.7.1 released

Before taking off to our workshop at Loop, we released 0.7.1, which includes a number of important bug fixes.


  • Displacement: now properly handles the alpha channel
  • Fixed crash when continuously changing loop points or warp markers
  • Keyer now saves its Color properly and initializes it with green
  • Keyer Back parameter default option is now correctly named Transparent instead of Black
  • Enable the show errors menu option by default


  • Mirror now also has Flip parameters
  • Show the movie format in Debug Info


  • Increased time between demo overlay appearance to 15 minutes
  • Increased amount of times a clip loops seamlessly to 1000
  • Various small performance tweaks
  • Show an error when trying to load an unsupported movie (i.e. movies that are not supported by Quicktime 10)

Download the latest version of Videosync from our new (still work in progress at the time of this writing) website for videosync: