Simpler Beta - No sound?

Hi guys,

Finally finding time to look into Videosync again. Glad to see all the progress you’re making!

I am having an issue (latest installation of videosync, live 10, latest version) whereby I don’t get sound out of Simpler Beta. I’ve tried a few different video file formats, but no joy.

I might just be doing something silly, of course :slight_smile:



Hi Andri,

Thanks! Curious to see what you are working on.

Correct, our video Simpler currently does not play audio.

If you want to play video with audio content, you can pair our Simpler with Ableton’s Simpler in a rack, sending the same notes to both. When using the same settings on both (especially when looping), the video should always match the audio.

This gives you the full range of the audio sampling features provided by Ableton and adds matching video playback on top.

Let us know if this works for you, we’d be happy to hear if there is something we can improve in this workflow!

Hey Mattijs,

Thanks for the quick reply! Gotcha - I think I realised this some time back and then promptly forgot :smile:

Thanks for the reminder. I guess the main drawback is needing to find a quick workflow for extracting the audio from many and multiple video clips (if you want to have them separately instead of sliced). I.e. so that you then have an audio file that corresponds to each video file. I’m thinking in the case of dram racks in particular, with many short video/audio clips.

Don’t suppose you have any suggestions for such a workflow? :nerd_face:

Hi Andri,

If I’m not mistaken, it is possible to drag a movie file into the audio Simpler and it should use just the audio track, so you should not have to extract the audio separately. However, there is still the overhead of dragging the files into two different Simplers, which is a good point. Perhaps we are able to automate something there in the future.

Even better would be if we could just listen to all the events and settings in Ableton’s Simpler and play back video based on that. However at the moment the Live API doesn’t give us access to that info (yet?).

Thanks for your feedback!