ShaderLoader plugin

I am really intrigued by the thought of using custom shaders in Videosync! However, I have a hard time understanding how to use the ShaderLoader plugin.

As of now, there are three shaders bundled with Videosync, Edge Draw, Focus Blur and Kaleid (all credited to Fabrizio Poce).

When trying to use the ShaderLoader on a simple video instrument (for example Gradient.amxd), I get no difference from loading any of the three shaders. I have tried putting in some different values for the params, but it seems to me that it is not possible to add the shader at all. I get no result with only the ShaderLoader either, nor with a video playing underneath it.

How should I do to make it work?

Also, it would be great to have some documentation on how to convert existing shaders into a format that allows interactivity from Videosync. If possible, you could think about implementing the Interactive Shader Format (ISF) for the ShaderLoader. It was originally developed for VDMX but is now supported in other frameworks as well. It would be nice to not have to convert everything before it becomes useful :slight_smile:

Looking at the MFL plugin, I’m quite sure this is the same problem as the ImageLoader issue that was reported a few days ago, i.e. it only works when loading from Macintosh HD. @hidde may be able to fix this quite quickly :wink:

Thanks for reporting!

Also: integrating ISF support is very high on our list, in fact it seems the perfect interface for this system. Ideally we would be able to automate the range of automatable MFL parameters though, but Live doesn’t allow for that… (yet?).

Indeed, it was the same issue. It’s fixed now, I’ve sent Erik the new version via email and the fix will be shipped with the next release.