Separate partition

Hi there,
In reference to the Videosync Manual.pdf

Create a separate disk partition for your live performances

  • Does this mean that videosync should be installed on a separate partition, that video content should be stored on that partition, or both? Or is it more about screen settings etc?

  • Should Ableton and M4L be installed on the new partition also?

  • How much free space is needed to run things smoothly, after everything is installed/stored?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris,

The creation of a separate partition is not necessary for Videosync to run. We added it to the manual as an advice so your day-to-day working partition will not interfere with your live performance partition. A separate partition will hold a separate OS X installation with all applications and content needed. Regarding free space, the recommended amount of free space to run OS X smoothly would be enough.


Hi Hidde, thanks for your reply,

I thought storing the video content in a performance partition might help with stability when playing live.

So the partition is entirely to keep system preferences and software updates from causing problems?
In which case would creating a designated user account and changing the settings work too?


Hi Chris,

Storing your video content on another partition should not have any impact on Videosync’s stability.

A separate user account would work for some settings, but software updates like the OS will affect all users.

Whether or not you should create a separate partition depends on your situation and preference. For instance, I do not have a separate partition myself, but because of that, it sometimes happens that something does not work anymore and I have to fix it last minute.