Sending Videosync to several outputs

Hi Jean Paul,

Is there a possibility to send several Video feeds to multiple outputs. (Using 2 Beamers with different feeds) I guess that’s tricky but would be awesome:-)

Greets Sebastian

Hi Sebastian.

Although Videosync only has one output window (to have more is on the wishlist), it is possible to send out distinct feeds by using Return Tracks. One way to do this is by using Syphon, and then using another application as a second output window. Generally we would use Syphon Recorder for the second window, but this isn’t really suitable to display to an audience. You can read more about this approach in this blog article.

Another way to do it is by extending your desktop with the two projectors, and dragging the Videosync output window across both screens. Then, make two group channels that each contain the content meant for either display. Place a Transform device on each group to move the content to the correct display. Since you can’t run the output window in fullscreen this way, you can hide the border by disabling Border in the Control window (CMD+K):

Let me know if that helps!