Puedo Usar videosync en la vista Arrangement

muy buenas yo uso ableton para lanzar secuencias cuando estoy usando la vista Arrangement con video y al momento de cambiar de set se me cae la pantalla de video por tal razón quisiera saber si videosync se puede usar en la vista Arrangement de ableton por la razon que la pantalla de videosync permanece siempre y no se cae


Hi santydariz,

Thanks for posting. Unfortunately Spanish is not my primary language so I’ll reply in English:

Your question is whether it is possible to use Videosync in Arrangement view since it doesn’t disappear like Ableton’s native video window when closing a set.

Ableton does not yet expose Arrangement view information to third parties, so we are unable to use it in Videosync. As soon as this information is added to the Live API, we’ll be happy to support it.

Until then I’m afraid the only option to use Videosync would be to change your performance to the Session view, and do something like triggering scenes sequentially, but I can imagine that is not viable for you.