Performance Experiences

Versatility, stability and reliability of Videosync

Videosync has been the basic performing engine of my exhibition The Rhythm Painter at Rijksmuseum Twenthe Enschede.
From April 8th untill november 6th; 13 copies of Videosync were running flawlessly in Ableton Live on 14 MacMinis, feeding 13 projectors, all showing different 6 minutes coninuously looping HD motion graphics, running meticulously in sync with 12 channels of audio, for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, 7 months in a row. The musical speed in Bpm was live adjustable all the time.

Every day one push on a button started up the whole system automatically. It was programmed and set up by Hidde, who also tweaked the final audio mixes and made them sound bright and clear in the critical acoustic conditions of the exhibition hall.

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Many thanks for sharing this Jaap!

It was a great honour to cooperate on this project and test the features of Videosync under these circumstances :slight_smile: