LiveMTC windows support please!


I was just on github and it said to post here to request LiveMTC windows support. This would be absolutely incredible as we use Ableton for a church setup and are about to change over to Dot2 ONPC for lighting control. We have a Mac running ableton on stage by me as the lighting designer use Dot2 which is windows only. This would require me taking the mac home each week which isnt desirable…


Matt Cooper

Hi Matt,

Thanks for chiming in!

At the moment we have just started using the issue tracker as a way to track future ideas, so the tracker provides no concrete information of where the ideas are in the planning.

That said, it is great to hear that you are in direct need for this, it’s an extra reason for us to look into this sooner rather than later.

Btw, as you can see on github, the LiveMTC code is fully open source, so if you are proficient in Max you are of course very welcome to take a stab at this yourself!