List of plugins

Is there a list of all the plugins if you purchase the full version?
Also what is the maximum out put quality we can achieve ?
For example if I create a composition with full hd video will i get that same quality exporting to syphon?


Hi Richard,

  • A full list of all included plugins can be found in the Videosync manual, specifically on the three separate pages for Effects, Instruments and Utilities.
  • Technically, you can set the Draw Size to whatever you desire. The Target Frame Rate can generally be set to 30 or 60, but ultimately it depends on the display you’re running Videosync on.
  • Practically it will depend on the project: the amount of videos, the amount of effects processing, draw size, etc. Having a dedicated GPU can make a big difference here.
    Recording Videosync’s output over Syphon is an additional workload to take into consideration, and it will depend on the system’s capacity whether it will be able to record every frame Videosync will put out. Seeing that Videosync is outputting 60FPS is not a guarantee that every frame will be recorded as well.

Let me know if that helps!

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Yes, there are new devices in the works. If you’d like to help us and test upcoming releases, please let me know and I can add you to our beta forum and mailing list.

The updates we have planned currently do not include paid upgrades.

(You already asked this here :wink: )

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sweet ah im sorry . i sometimes get ahead of myself :slight_smile: i deleted the redundancy out of embarrassment :blush:

please add me to the beta list. thanks

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No worries! :slight_smile:

You should have access to the Videosync beta forum now.

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