ISF Loader Problem

Ableton Live 11.1.1, Max for Live 8.2.2, ISF Package by Vidvox loaded

I installed the new Videosync Upgrade but when I try to drop a .fs ISF Shader into the ISF Loader nothing happens.
In the beginning it actually worked 2 times but since then it doesn’t. Do you have an idea?

Hi nordmann,

Thank you for getting in touch, would it be possible for you to send me a screen recording of this behaviour? You can send it over to :
Oh and maybe good to know as well, you don’t need the ISF Max Package by Vidvox in order to work with the ISFLoader of Videosync. Nonetheless it is still a nice package to be able to use ISF shaders in the Max environment of course ;).

Best Eric

To add to what Eric said; if you could share the specific shader that you experience this problem with, that would be a big help as well. Thanks!

Hi Jean-Paul,
thanks for your reply.
I had the problem with about 20 .fs files I download from
Also Optical Flow Distort.fs from your demo set didn´t work. I already sent Eric a screen recording.
Thanks for all your help.
Best, Nils