Is it possible to use video in the arrangement view?

I’d really like to set up a linear show using video sync, is that possible currently? Or is it treated differently than when in session view?

I love this tool, I saw you folks demo it at loop in Berlin last year, and bought it shortly after. It’s wonderful!

Hi heykdnns,

Thanks for the kind words!

Using instruments and effects works in Arrangement View just like the Session View, however unfortunately Ableton does not give us any info about clips in the arrangement, meaning we can’t sync video in Arrangement View (…yet, as far as we’re concerned).

We do occasionally work with fixed timelines including video clips though, but we do that in Session View, using a special device we made called the Scene Follower, which allows to jump to a following scene in Session View after an X amount of beats.

Let me know if you’d be interested in checking out the plugin, we can then clean it up a bit and share it.

I’d be very interested in Scene follower, my arrangements are already in arrangement view.