ImageLoader issue

Hi, I’m a brand new user of VideoSync. I’ve already installed 0.5.1 release on Live 9.6, with success. I’m not understanding how ImageLoader works. I’ve read that, as a MIDI instrument, you should put an image in the Drop box, than you can trigger it with some MIDI note (I’ve tried either with a MIDI clip, than directly with MIDI keys), but I can’t see anything on video window. The images I tried are JPG.

Thanks in advance.

I am also trying out the ImageLoader and I also cannot get any image to be shown. However, I think you misunderstood the MIDI capabilities of the ImageLoader plugin. I would expect the ImageLoader to work the same way as the Gradient plugin (which works for me).

OK, I’ve been too hopeful on MIDI capabiities :smile:. Still the problem of no image shown stands… :disappointed:

Hi guys,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this problem on my computer, but I just needed to use the ImageLoader myself on a different system and it didn’t work on that system either! I have to admit I was a little bit too naive when building the ImageLoader, because it seems it only works on volumes called ‘Macintosh HD’. Do you both by any chance use a volume with a different name?

I’ll be trying to fix this issue today. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

P.S. @erikwallen is right regarding the MIDI notes. ImageLoader should display the image constantly. You can use a effect like HSL and modulate the lightness parameter with a ADSR modulator to ‘trigger’ the image with MIDI notes.

However, would the MIDI triggering be something you would like to have integrated in the plugin?

Yes I confirm my HD has another name, different from the default one :slight_smile: I think that could be the issue. I tried to expand the MAX view of the plugin and I saw that the regexp that drives the image search starts with “Macintosh HD”…

I also use a volume with a different name, so that seemed to be the problem indeed. But I will wait until the next version to try it :slight_smile:

Regarding MIDI triggering: Now that I know how you have thought about doing it, it seems unnecessary to integrate midi functionality in the ImageLoader. But to make it clear for beginners, there needs to be a strong emphasis on modulators in the documentation.

Hi guys,

I have sent you a fixed version of the ImageLoader plug-in via email. Other readers of this thread can message me directly for an updated version. Note that the fix will be in release 0.5.2.


Ok, that version works! Thank you!

Happy to hear. Thank you for your report!

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