Help in becoming registered?!

Downloaded the device. Have been planning to use this for a Movie Soundtrack concert in New Orleans. I’m syncing our ableton rig with videos and this has connected the two (video & backing tracks) flawlessly. Wanted to register in order to remove the demo mask, but was reluctant to fill out a MAC address?! Can anyone explain this move? Great device by the way. Looking forward to working with this and you all. These devices are fantastic! Bravo!

Hi Beau,

Thanks for your kind words.

Like many other authorization systems, Videosync checks your registration with your MAC address to prevent it from being used on other systems.

As far as I’m aware, giving out your MAC does not create a security risk (see this link for example), if that is your concern.

The reasons we require authorization instead of making the full version available directly are

  1. we want to be able to notify users of updates as the system is still in active development
  2. at some point we will be releasing a sold version, for which we will need a registration system, which needs to be tested just like the rest of the software

I hope that answers your question.


You have answered it. Thank you. I will fill out the register form today.

  • do I put BOTH; wifi address & ethernet?
  • when I travel and use on stage, does computer need to be on a wireless network and physical network?
  • I’d love to set this up on a redundant rig as well. Should I include those addresses too when filling out the form?

Sorry to bother with these basic questions, but plan to employ this soon with multiple computers with redundancy.

Thanks again Mattijs. Great work! Looking forward to this development. I’ll post a video soon of how we have it set up with our rigs.

Cheers from New Orleans,

You only need to submit one MAC address per computer, ideally a permanent one, so not one from a thunderbolt ethernet adapter for instance.

The computer does not need to be on a network when performing, the MAC address is simply a unique identifier baked into the network adapter hardware, it will be available regardless of whether the adapter is connected.

After we register you, you do need to be connected to the internet once, when pressing the authorize button.

If you want to register multiple computers you can fill in the form multiple times, but you might need to supply multiple email addresses for that, the registration system is still very basic at this point. But you can also just send us an email with the additional MAC addresses and we can add them to your account.

We’re working on a better registration system at the moment by the way, we expect to see a lot of improvement in the next version.

Thanks Mattijs. I submitted the form. Looking forward to this!