Early access version now available for macOS!

The first version of Beattracker is finally released!

Beattracker is still in development. However, we have reached a point at which we can share a working version. We want to get feedback from early users who don’t mind that not every button is in its final position and not every feature is fully covered by the manual. Please add your voice!

You can now download the early access Mac version of Beattracker at beattracker.showsync.com.

Licensing during early access

Note that you don’t need to purchase a license to take part in our early access process. Beattracker is fully functional after downloading it onto your system. After 30 days, Beattracker continues to run but will stop supplying Link output. During the early access phase you can get a full license for 50% of the final price. The license stays valid when early access is over, giving you the final version of Beattracker for free.

Giving us feedback

In this phase we are extra vigilant in collecting your feedback. We would like to hear anything you have to say about Beattracker, from a feature that took you longer than necessary to figure out, to your ideas about the interface. Your input will directly be taken into account in development.

For the most enthusiastic testers, the best feedback we can currently think of is a summier log of your experiences in the first 10 minutes after downloading Beattracker, not just with the app itself but with the installation, documentation and presentation as well. If you have any frustration or question, please write it down! Often, after sorting out something confusing it is easy to forget that it even happened. But we would prefer not to have any confusion in the first place, so we need to know about it :slight_smile:

If you don’t feel like typing us an email, please consider answering in a small number of questions we defined in this FEEDBACK FORM.