Duplicate clip behavior

I find that if I duplicate a movie clip and change the launch settings, then hitting save, both clips play video from the same position. Audio plays as it should, but video start time in both clips play from the start time that was last saved into the clip. Does that make sense? I could send a screen capture if you like.

Hi Doug,

We load the information about the warp markers from the .asd files where this information is saved when you press the small save button in the clip info.

To use different sets of warp markers for the same video file, the only possible approach is currently to make a copy of the file under a different name, so a different .asd file will be created.

Btw, the loop and clip start and end markers, although stored in the .asd files, are read by Videosync from the current state of the clips, not from the .asd files.


Yes, that’s what I thought.