Creating Interactive Exhibits

I’m interested in using beam to help create some interactive exhibits. I understand the beam part of things fairly well, but I need some ideas how to have ableton interact with the environment. I figured there would be some creative people here in this community. Has anyone found good sensors that can be used with live to create interactive art? For instance, what would you use to have the lights change when someone walks into a certain area or touch an object?


Sounds like an interesting plan!

You could have a look at Ableton’s Connection Kit which has some useful tools to connect to external devices, such as a camera or arduino which can then be mapped to Beam devices. Arduino supports all kinds of sensors. For touch, for instance you would probably need a capacitive sensor.

Or if you want to use sound (from a microphone for instance) to modify lights you could map AnalysisGrabber (from our free LiveGrabber tools) to a Beam device.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Kind greetings,

Great thoughts Miro. I’ll look deeper into that connections kit. That’s probably what I need to start learning about.