Bpm Plugin will be so great!

Hi Guys
Im preparing a show with Videosync and Ableton
It’s a great app Guys ! Congrate
Do you plan to make a BPM video shutter plugin with the possibility to get a
black or white shutter following the Bpm
It definitively will be great !

Laurent Wolf

Hi Laurent,

Thank you!

There is currently already a way to get that effect with Videosync:

  1. Drag a Squares plugin onto a MIDI track
  2. Set C (columns) and R (rows) to 1, leave W and R to 100%
  3. Set Fade out to 0
  4. Create a MIDI clip on the Squares track with a note on every beat, with a length of half a beat
  5. Set the velocity of all notes to maximum

Playing the clip should give you the effect you describe.

Here is a set in which I have done this: http://downloads.showsync.com/BPM-Shutter-effect-Project.zip

Let me know if this covers your use case or if you have additional requirements (automating the shutter speed maybe?) that are not solved by this approach.


Hi Laurent,

A quick heads up that the Videosync Plugin SDK now contains an example of a plugin that flashes to the beat. It is set up to be modified easily.