Beattracker doesn't find the correct BPM

Hello, I downloaded the trial version of Beattracker because I was looking for a tool to sync the BPM of an Ableton Live project with an incoming audio signal.

I was doing a simple test today: created a clip in Ableton with a kick on every beat. I set the output of the audio track in Ableton to Blackhole (a virtual audio driver) and then, of course, set Beattracker’s audio input to the same channels.

Beattracker seems unable to detect the right BPM with a simple kick track. I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong.


Hi Federico,

Beattracker tracks the BPM on the basis of an initial tap tempo. So after connecting to an audio source, you’ll have to tap five times - using the space bar for example - and Beattracker will start to align itself with the music.

There’s some more information about this in our online manual.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much. I’ll test it again :slight_smile: