Beam Beta Program

Hi there!

If you’d like to help by testing and speeding up the development of Beam, then please make yourself known in this topic. You will then be given access to the Beam Beta forum where you can download the Beta application and discuss issues related to testing.

Many thanks from the team

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Hey all!
Been out of the loop of the Beta program for a while, but, I’d be very happy to keep running some tests on my setup! I have a bunch of DMX lights, ableton, and artnet devices! oh, also, i have a TON OF FREE TIME. :). -Vince

Hi Showsync team!
Ive been trying out Videosync with the License I got as Ableton Certified Trainer (thank you for that!), and would also love to try out Beam!
Ill be happy to try the beta releases and give you feedback.

Pedro Itan

Hola me gustaria probar la version beta, ya lei el manual completo y no encuentro como formar un canal dmx con varios parametros, esto es para encender y apagar la lampara de las cabezas moviles

Ahora eh logrado programar un boton con encendido y apagado para las lamparas de las moviles, espero puedas hacer una promocion en Black friday, excelente trabajo felicitaciones

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Hi Mauty,

Our holiday sale just went live. You can get a 20% discount on


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the above offer still stands! ^^^ been a rough year. :wink:

Welcome back Vince! You should already have access to the Beam beta forum actually!

Hey team!

I mostly use Madmapper for lighting, but the show design with Ableton really interests me. I would love it for my own thing in the future. Currently, I am building a show for a nationwide tour of pretty prominent artists/label bosses. 3 shows booked but interest from overseas for shows as well.

I don’t generally deal with artists using Ableton live (worked with a lot) so perfect opportunity to get into it. If you could please hook me up a license for the duration of the tour, (plus a backup) i’ll have a go with it. Prob do some combo stuff with Resolume and Madmapper as well.

Happy to give some feedback. Try out some new features from the point of view of a completely new user, If it all goes well, I’d totally buy it.

We are filming it with multicam as well. I can have a chat with the team, I’m sure that If it all really works out well, we could give you some video clips for advertising use…

Let me know if that is something you would be interested in, drop me a line on my email,

Thanks very much,


Hey Ben! I’ve sent you an email. Could you let me know if you’ve received it?