Adding New Fixtures

Hello everyone! I have seen some of these post where someone is creating profiles for fixtures. How can I Crete them? I am using:

ADJ Focus Spot 1
ADJ Element Hex Par
ADJ DOTZ Par System
ADJ Hex Bar 9

I have the manuals for the lights, I’m just a little confused on house to set up in fixture editor. Thanks!


Beam’s Fixture Editor is still an area we are working to improve. One of the missing features is being able to add custom modulation names (Control Names), which is likely what is preventing you from making the profiles for the fixtures you mention. At the moment a way to work around this is by manually adding the desired modulation keys to the fixture profile file, which is in the JSON format. If this is not something you are comfortable doing, we are happy to make the fixture profiles for you.
If you would like that, please share the manuals / DMX charts of your fixtures and specify the channel modes you would like to use.